Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Okay so I'm addicted...

to making these copper bangles now-can't stop myself! LOL! I did have to order some more copper spacers because I ran out-that's the only reason I'm not in my easy chair playing with wire right now. Here's the one I listed today in my etsy shop. I'm gonna have to make one for my mom though-or she'll pout! :P

Sunday, December 2, 2007

I actually did some crafting yesterday...

I've been putting it off even though I need to update my shop, and put some more items in the local art gallery. I made this copper bangle that's gonna be hard to part with...and I better not let my mother see it-she loves copper! :P

I purchased the lovely bead set from twosisters4@etsy.com a while back, and had never used it, but I think it looks great on my bangle! :) Hmmm...here's a direct link to it on my flicker page, it's not turning out so well here. =/
Have a wonderful, creative day y'all! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

So...today I removed a few things from my online shop...

To place them in an art gallery! I have been told by friends before that I should put my jewelry in the local art gallery, but I was intimdated by the very thought of doing it! I decided to go in and look around to see what they had...and realized I should not of been intimidated! It boosted my self confidence to know that my work was just as good as what was in the gallery! Yeah! :)

Anyway, for anyone from the Elizabeth City NC area, you can now see some of my jewelry in the Pasquotank Arts Council (PAC) Gallery downtown on Main Street. :) Here is their web site:

Here's something I left in my shop! /grin

Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Exchange

On the about.com jewelry forum, a few of us participated in a Christmas bead exchange. Since everyone has received my package, I feel safe in posting pictures now! :) I haven't received theirs yet, the host said I must live in the back of nowhere with a tiny post office. How'd she guess?!? :)
By the way, my lovely and talented 20 year old daughter helped me with these-she made the gorgeous leaves! :)
If the picture is blurry, here is the direct link:
PS Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and happy Thanksgiving! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dragon Earrings

Well, been having internet and virus (self, not puter) problems for the past week so I haven't updated-bad Kitty, bad Kitty! :) Thought I would post a short note today and showcase these lovely polymer clay dragon earrings made by my even lovelier 20 year old daughter...in the style of Christie Friesen. Aren't they adorable! I really don't want to work in a scale quite that small myself-lol! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My daughter is so talented

My lovely 20 year old daughter is so talented...I saw this lovely owl cab in a book and I asked her if she could make me something similar out of polymer clay...and she did! She was fussing the whole time she was making it though.../giggle! She does that when she does delicate, frustrating work, but the result was so totally worth ignoring the fussing!

I wanted to try beading around a cab again, and even though I have some gemstone cabs here, I just fell in love with this owl when I saw it, and she did such a fantastic job recreating it that well...I can't wait to use it! :) It will take me a while to finish it though...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Into the Dark Woods Moss Agate Bracelet

Into the Dark Woods Moss Agate Bracelet-or I finally posted something new in my etsy shop! :) And, I'll be posting more later today, my daughter made a lovely cardinal out of polymer clay that can be used as a pendant or an ornament. I am also finishing a chain maille bracelet done up in copper, and then I will break out the clay I received in the mail the other day.

I just don't know what to work on first! I also recently purchased a book on bead embroidery, and I have a chain maille book coming in the mail...so many choices! Hmm...yep, now after re-reading this I can see how I overspent my craft budget this month-lol!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well I did some cleaning yesterday...

Well I did some cleaning yesterday...maybe now I'll be able to find my supplies and get down to work! My polymer clay is calling me now that the weather has cooled down a little bit here...I really need to answer it-especially since I just signed up for a holiday swap! :) Anyway, hope the day is treating you well, it's beautiful here so far!

Tgus oartucykar dragon was a commissioned work, I need to make more-I was really sorry to see him go, and I kinda miss the lavender one that I recently sold from my etsy shop. LOL! I guess I need to make one for me when I start making some more. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Purple Poster or "Girly Things"

On etsy the admin said we could make a poster that was filled with gifts appropriate for children 8-11 years old. Either make a girl or boy poster. Well I made one, and I loved it so much I made it into a treasury! :) Here's the link:

And, since that will expire in a day, here's the link in my flickr:

If you like purple as much as I do, check it out. Even if you don't, please check it out anyway! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I've been trying...

I've been trying to stretch my jewelry wings, and make things I haven't made before. I really think these earrings I made last week fit the bill! :) I shaped the wire and coiled more tiny wire around the rounded shapes, and then added the lovely lampwork bead in the middle (lampwork is by agirlandherglass.net) and I was very pleased with the results! I have the urge to make more wirework, but my polymer clay items are really starting to sell and I am torn...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Good Morning!

Good morning! My son's grandmother loaned me her digital camera yesterday, so I can now add more jewelry to my shop! That means I better get to work...lol. Of course, I am job hunting now, and spending so much time being my son's personal chauffeur, I hope I can find time for the jewelry making too. This is a picture of my son I took this morning while he was on the sofa waiting for the bus to come. :)

The job hunting is rather necessary though, I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work in May, and I really need to put that diploma to use, so I can pay back my student loans-lol!

Speaking of job hunting and school, found out that my university charges $5 per official transcript, and I will need one every time I go on a job interview...I can see this becoming rather costly, they still want your money after you graduate I see.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trying out ETSY Storque Showcase

Well, I missed the day of the regular showcase, so today I'm trying out the ETSY online zine (Storque) showcase, to see how it goes. I am switching out items during the day, to see how many views I am getting, and to see if I will actually make any sales off of the showcase. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)

The lovely polymer clay seahorse that I had on my last post has been claimed by a lovely lady, I really need to get my daughter in the mood to make more polymer items, she is so good at it! :) She's a very talented girl, heehee, if I do say so myself! :) I'm adding a froggie pendant that she made to today's post to prove it! This froggie idea was inspired by Christi Friesen's beautiful work.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I see it's been a while since I've written...life is hectic

I see it's been a while since I've written...life is hectic right now with school having started back and my son is in band. I have to take him to practices 2 nights a week, youth 2 nights a week, games every other week, and other assorted mom-type taxi service duties.

We were discussing bookcases and therefore books in the ETSY forums the other day and I had to admit to something that I hadn't told my daughter yet....

You see, I've been collecting books all my adult life, although I have to weed them out now & then because umm...yeah they'd take over the house otherwise. My daughter says the books are hers when I go.../giggle! She can't have 'em-I'm taking them with me dangit-what would the afterlife be without my books? Hell, I tell ya!

I just told her yesterday, she ain't getting my books...she may never speak to me again!

But hey, to make it up to her a little bit, I will add one of her items from my shop to my blog today! :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sob...excuse my crying but my camera broke! It will still work for distance pictures but the close-up button no longer works-weird...my son says it's been dropped on it's head one too many times. He may be right-he's an expert on the subject, after all! /giggle (just kidding, of course, I work on a volunteer basis with abused children-I would never hurt a child!)

Anyway, I really can't add anything new to my shop until I can get a new camera...therefore the sobbing, as I am broke right now-heehee! Darn expensive children, that teenager of mine keeps growing and needing new clothes and shoes, and then there's the band fees and band camp and youth camp-he costs way too much money. Fortunately for him (and me!), he's a good kid-and so worth the expense! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I really need to get back to the polymer but...

This lovely purple heart sold today. I really need to get back to working with the polymer clay but it's so hot here it would melt in my hands before I could create anything. This particular item sold because I posted on one of the jewelry forums I belong to about someone's purple jewelry set (because purple is my favorite color!) and they clicked on my link to my shop, and purple just happened to be her favorite color too...
tee heee! :)

Ah well, if it ever cools down here in North Carolina, expect more polymer clay items in my shop! I love working with it, when it's not making a mess in my hands due to the extreme heat. I've come a long ways from my childhood days of play-doh. With play-doh all I could make was a great ugly multi-color'ed lump of clay. If you haven't given polymer clay a try you should-it's tons of fun!

The heart idea is inspired by Christi Friesen's work-google her-you won't be sorry! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Have you ever heard of...

Have you ever heard of yeast overgrowth? I've been not doing well because severe food allergies and chemical sensitivity, smell sensitivity for a while now(almost 10 years-though it has been much worse in the past 3 or 4). In the past year I've lost almost 100 pounds (thank God I was severely overweight to start with) because of anaphylatic reactions to most foods that I have tried to eat. I was down to organic wheat noodles and spinach. I'm now eating organic skim milk with organic puffed wheat-something I could not do before because of a casein allergy. I started on some very strong probiotics 2 weeks ago and the nervousness is gone, the racing heart is gone, the sudden fevers are gone, and so are the topical yeast breakouts, and I now have the energy that I used to have. Hmm...methinks I'm onto something. Although my doctors tried to put it off on my nerves! The nerve of them! I asked them about the possibility of candida overgrowth, and they poo-pooed the very idea of it. =/ There are no homeopathic doctors in my small town. I am going to try to slowly reintroduce other foods back into my diet-not my two severest allergies of course-peanuts and seafood, but the others. Wish me luck y'all!

PS I am posting about this because I figure I am not the only one with this problem. I purchased powdered probiotics from custom probiotics because they had some with high potency and absolutely no additives.

PPS I was gonna tell y'all this week about how my son went off to band camp and didn't call me even once...but hey-that's the gist of it! Ungrateful brat! Teehee!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Wootage! I finally got inspired and posted something new in my etsy shop, I just adore this piece, I hope others looking at it will too! :) Now I need to finish that blue dragon I'm working on...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A work in progress

Well this Blogging thing is new to me, and it's definitely a work in progress.

My kids and I did get to go see Transformers this week. My (15 year old boy and 20 year old girl) loved it! I was umm...a wee bit bored by it. My daughter said I wasn't enough of a guy (?!?) to enjoy it. Okay, I'll buy that, I think...

Anyway, no new jewelry this week, but I've been relisting some items, and I do have several works in progress...beadwork items 1/2 completed, strung necklaces I'm not sure how I want to finish, etc...I'll try to get to them this week while my son is off at band camp. :) In the meantime, here's a dragon pendant I made, inspired by Christi Friesen's work!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I wonder

I wonder what the kid in the car next to me blasting his rap music yesterday thought of the country music I was blasting...Trace Adkins "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" /giggle
I also listen to 80's rock quite a bit, but that's my 15 year old son's favorite, so I mainly wait till he's in the car to listen to it, and he rides with me quite a bit. When my country station is on he asks me if he can change the station...

Anyway, I've been trying to get myself in the mood to make something for my shop, specially since I've sold a few items lately, but still can't find the energy-it's too hot here in North Carolina to do anything!

I did find these earrings that I had made before and decided to post them yesterday, I love brickstitch earrings, and these are pegasus-too cool! :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hello, and good morning!

Since I've joined the Etsy Boomers Street Team (I still prefer Still Alive and Kicking /giggle), I figured I would feature artists from our team on here, when I have time, and today is lfaigen's birthday, so I figured I would feature a couple of items from their shop. http://lfaigen.etsy.com/

Now, I really need to get to work on my jewelry, but it's summertime and I get lazy! I can say that I'm too busy actually, my 15 year old boy has band practice all this week and I have to drive him back and forth-lol! (We live in the country, so it's not a small drive). He plays percussion and really wants his own drum set, he's seen a set by pearl that's black on black that he's been drooling all over...he has been in the band at school for 5 years, I know it's something he's going to stick with. Heck, I've been drooling all over that drumset-and I can't even play-it's gorgeous! :) He has band camp next week, so I guess I will have no excuse then. Although I did promise that I would take him and my 20 year old daughter to see Transformers this week. My daughter is really anxious to see it.
Okay, time to get off the computer and start drooling over my beads...I mean creating something with them...ah heck, I prefer just drooling over them-I love shiney things!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

Going to take a little break from talking about jewelry today, okay I'll probably do it before this blog entry is over-forgive me, I am obsessed with beads!
Well, yesterday my (older) children and myself went to see Chuck and Larry, and it was much better than I anticipated that it would be. My son said it was his favorite movie of the summer, and we went to see Harry Potter last week, and we've seen Pirates of the Carribean. I told him it wasn't my favorite-but it was in the top three-heehee! :)
Okies, on to jewelry, hmm...I really need to get busy and make some new items for my shop, but I'm a mom and therefore a chauffeur, and my life is rather busy driving my boy to and from all his activities.
I'm joining a new street team on etsy, of Baby Boomers, we're deciding on a name for a street team now, I really wanted it to be Still Alive and Kicking Etsy Street Team, but I think the majority of the vote is leaning towards Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team-I guess BBEST is a better acronym than SAKST anyway. :P

By the way I will feature work from other artists from time to time, look at this gorgeous hair wreath from Alteredevents, if I'm ever dumb enough to get married again, I will be shopping in her store! :) Her store is http://alteredevents.etsy.com/


Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hi y'all,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kitty, and I have a shop with handcrafted jewelry created from sterling, semi-precious stones, fine glass, chain maille and polymer pendants at http://www.etsy.com/ In my blog I will talk about my jewelry listings, and highlight some of the other sellers on etsy. My shop url is http://kittyd.etsy.com/