Monday, October 1, 2007

Good Morning!

Good morning! My son's grandmother loaned me her digital camera yesterday, so I can now add more jewelry to my shop! That means I better get to Of course, I am job hunting now, and spending so much time being my son's personal chauffeur, I hope I can find time for the jewelry making too. This is a picture of my son I took this morning while he was on the sofa waiting for the bus to come. :)

The job hunting is rather necessary though, I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work in May, and I really need to put that diploma to use, so I can pay back my student loans-lol!

Speaking of job hunting and school, found out that my university charges $5 per official transcript, and I will need one every time I go on a job interview...I can see this becoming rather costly, they still want your money after you graduate I see.


Precious Quilts said...

You have a very handsome son!!!

Good luck with the job hunt and hope you do not need too many interviews and paperwork from your university, as if they haven't enough money out of you already:)

kittyd said...

Thank you, I think so too...although I may be just a wee bit! :)

Thanks for the well wishes on the job hunt too. :) I'm also hoping I won't need too many official transcripts, it could wind up being very expensive! I really want one of the jobs I applied for Friday, I hope I get it! :)

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

WOW, actually $5 isn't bad, I won't say how long ago it was... many years, but my school also charged $5 per transcript. It does add up, but it is a nominal fee for a certified transcript to be delivered to your potential employer.

Hopefully you find a great job quickly and don't have to order too many.

kittyd said...

Thanks Sandra, I'm hoping it won't take too many. I know $5 isn't bad, but it adds up if I have to send very many out. I'm on a limited income (survivor's benefits-my son's father passed away 2 years ago)right now, so every penny counts!

tootsiegrace said...

Five Dollars per transcript? I think that is insane! Well, good luck with the job hunt!

kittyd said...

Thanks tootsiegrace.
What an adorable picture in your avatar! :)