Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ruby, Dragon Queen

From kittyd
Copper Wire Wrapped Dragon
Let me present Ruby, Queen of Dragons. There may be other dragon queens out there, but I wouldn't let Ruby know. Ruby is fond of garnets, crystals and copper. All dragons have their own peculiarities. She measures 3 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. The copper rope chain is 22 inches long and included with purchase. Ruby is made from raw copper and will gracefully patina with age. She represents over a dozen hours of work. She really wants to come home with you, but beware! She may decide your jewelry box is her own personal treasure trove...
Ruby came to life as a challenge presented to me by my jewelry making forum friends from about. *waves*
They saw the other wire wrapped animals I was making and said that they knew I loved dragons and should create one. This presented a real challenge, as I cannot draw. I have to start with raw wire and imagination. My first attempt at a dragon wound up being a raven. Darn wire has a mind of it's own!