Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sob...excuse my crying but my camera broke! It will still work for distance pictures but the close-up button no longer son says it's been dropped on it's head one too many times. He may be right-he's an expert on the subject, after all! /giggle (just kidding, of course, I work on a volunteer basis with abused children-I would never hurt a child!)

Anyway, I really can't add anything new to my shop until I can get a new camera...therefore the sobbing, as I am broke right now-heehee! Darn expensive children, that teenager of mine keeps growing and needing new clothes and shoes, and then there's the band fees and band camp and youth camp-he costs way too much money. Fortunately for him (and me!), he's a good kid-and so worth the expense! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I really need to get back to the polymer but...

This lovely purple heart sold today. I really need to get back to working with the polymer clay but it's so hot here it would melt in my hands before I could create anything. This particular item sold because I posted on one of the jewelry forums I belong to about someone's purple jewelry set (because purple is my favorite color!) and they clicked on my link to my shop, and purple just happened to be her favorite color too...
tee heee! :)

Ah well, if it ever cools down here in North Carolina, expect more polymer clay items in my shop! I love working with it, when it's not making a mess in my hands due to the extreme heat. I've come a long ways from my childhood days of play-doh. With play-doh all I could make was a great ugly multi-color'ed lump of clay. If you haven't given polymer clay a try you should-it's tons of fun!

The heart idea is inspired by Christi Friesen's work-google her-you won't be sorry! :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Have you ever heard of...

Have you ever heard of yeast overgrowth? I've been not doing well because severe food allergies and chemical sensitivity, smell sensitivity for a while now(almost 10 years-though it has been much worse in the past 3 or 4). In the past year I've lost almost 100 pounds (thank God I was severely overweight to start with) because of anaphylatic reactions to most foods that I have tried to eat. I was down to organic wheat noodles and spinach. I'm now eating organic skim milk with organic puffed wheat-something I could not do before because of a casein allergy. I started on some very strong probiotics 2 weeks ago and the nervousness is gone, the racing heart is gone, the sudden fevers are gone, and so are the topical yeast breakouts, and I now have the energy that I used to have. Hmm...methinks I'm onto something. Although my doctors tried to put it off on my nerves! The nerve of them! I asked them about the possibility of candida overgrowth, and they poo-pooed the very idea of it. =/ There are no homeopathic doctors in my small town. I am going to try to slowly reintroduce other foods back into my diet-not my two severest allergies of course-peanuts and seafood, but the others. Wish me luck y'all!

PS I am posting about this because I figure I am not the only one with this problem. I purchased powdered probiotics from custom probiotics because they had some with high potency and absolutely no additives.

PPS I was gonna tell y'all this week about how my son went off to band camp and didn't call me even once...but hey-that's the gist of it! Ungrateful brat! Teehee!