Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sob...excuse my crying but my camera broke! It will still work for distance pictures but the close-up button no longer son says it's been dropped on it's head one too many times. He may be right-he's an expert on the subject, after all! /giggle (just kidding, of course, I work on a volunteer basis with abused children-I would never hurt a child!)

Anyway, I really can't add anything new to my shop until I can get a new camera...therefore the sobbing, as I am broke right now-heehee! Darn expensive children, that teenager of mine keeps growing and needing new clothes and shoes, and then there's the band fees and band camp and youth camp-he costs way too much money. Fortunately for him (and me!), he's a good kid-and so worth the expense! :)

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