Thursday, November 29, 2007 I removed a few things from my online shop...

To place them in an art gallery! I have been told by friends before that I should put my jewelry in the local art gallery, but I was intimdated by the very thought of doing it! I decided to go in and look around to see what they had...and realized I should not of been intimidated! It boosted my self confidence to know that my work was just as good as what was in the gallery! Yeah! :)

Anyway, for anyone from the Elizabeth City NC area, you can now see some of my jewelry in the Pasquotank Arts Council (PAC) Gallery downtown on Main Street. :) Here is their web site:

Here's something I left in my shop! /grin

Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas Exchange

On the jewelry forum, a few of us participated in a Christmas bead exchange. Since everyone has received my package, I feel safe in posting pictures now! :) I haven't received theirs yet, the host said I must live in the back of nowhere with a tiny post office. How'd she guess?!? :)
By the way, my lovely and talented 20 year old daughter helped me with these-she made the gorgeous leaves! :)
If the picture is blurry, here is the direct link:
PS Hope everyone had a wonderful, safe and happy Thanksgiving! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dragon Earrings

Well, been having internet and virus (self, not puter) problems for the past week so I haven't updated-bad Kitty, bad Kitty! :) Thought I would post a short note today and showcase these lovely polymer clay dragon earrings made by my even lovelier 20 year old the style of Christie Friesen. Aren't they adorable! I really don't want to work in a scale quite that small myself-lol! :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My daughter is so talented

My lovely 20 year old daughter is so talented...I saw this lovely owl cab in a book and I asked her if she could make me something similar out of polymer clay...and she did! She was fussing the whole time she was making it though.../giggle! She does that when she does delicate, frustrating work, but the result was so totally worth ignoring the fussing!

I wanted to try beading around a cab again, and even though I have some gemstone cabs here, I just fell in love with this owl when I saw it, and she did such a fantastic job recreating it that well...I can't wait to use it! :) It will take me a while to finish it though...