Sunday, October 28, 2007

Into the Dark Woods Moss Agate Bracelet

Into the Dark Woods Moss Agate Bracelet-or I finally posted something new in my etsy shop! :) And, I'll be posting more later today, my daughter made a lovely cardinal out of polymer clay that can be used as a pendant or an ornament. I am also finishing a chain maille bracelet done up in copper, and then I will break out the clay I received in the mail the other day.

I just don't know what to work on first! I also recently purchased a book on bead embroidery, and I have a chain maille book coming in the many choices! Hmm...yep, now after re-reading this I can see how I overspent my craft budget this month-lol!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well I did some cleaning yesterday...

Well I did some cleaning yesterday...maybe now I'll be able to find my supplies and get down to work! My polymer clay is calling me now that the weather has cooled down a little bit here...I really need to answer it-especially since I just signed up for a holiday swap! :) Anyway, hope the day is treating you well, it's beautiful here so far!

Tgus oartucykar dragon was a commissioned work, I need to make more-I was really sorry to see him go, and I kinda miss the lavender one that I recently sold from my etsy shop. LOL! I guess I need to make one for me when I start making some more. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Purple Poster or "Girly Things"

On etsy the admin said we could make a poster that was filled with gifts appropriate for children 8-11 years old. Either make a girl or boy poster. Well I made one, and I loved it so much I made it into a treasury! :) Here's the link:

And, since that will expire in a day, here's the link in my flickr:

If you like purple as much as I do, check it out. Even if you don't, please check it out anyway! :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I've been trying...

I've been trying to stretch my jewelry wings, and make things I haven't made before. I really think these earrings I made last week fit the bill! :) I shaped the wire and coiled more tiny wire around the rounded shapes, and then added the lovely lampwork bead in the middle (lampwork is by and I was very pleased with the results! I have the urge to make more wirework, but my polymer clay items are really starting to sell and I am torn...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Good Morning!

Good morning! My son's grandmother loaned me her digital camera yesterday, so I can now add more jewelry to my shop! That means I better get to Of course, I am job hunting now, and spending so much time being my son's personal chauffeur, I hope I can find time for the jewelry making too. This is a picture of my son I took this morning while he was on the sofa waiting for the bus to come. :)

The job hunting is rather necessary though, I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work in May, and I really need to put that diploma to use, so I can pay back my student loans-lol!

Speaking of job hunting and school, found out that my university charges $5 per official transcript, and I will need one every time I go on a job interview...I can see this becoming rather costly, they still want your money after you graduate I see.