Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Hello, and good morning!

Since I've joined the Etsy Boomers Street Team (I still prefer Still Alive and Kicking /giggle), I figured I would feature artists from our team on here, when I have time, and today is lfaigen's birthday, so I figured I would feature a couple of items from their shop. http://lfaigen.etsy.com/

Now, I really need to get to work on my jewelry, but it's summertime and I get lazy! I can say that I'm too busy actually, my 15 year old boy has band practice all this week and I have to drive him back and forth-lol! (We live in the country, so it's not a small drive). He plays percussion and really wants his own drum set, he's seen a set by pearl that's black on black that he's been drooling all over...he has been in the band at school for 5 years, I know it's something he's going to stick with. Heck, I've been drooling all over that drumset-and I can't even play-it's gorgeous! :) He has band camp next week, so I guess I will have no excuse then. Although I did promise that I would take him and my 20 year old daughter to see Transformers this week. My daughter is really anxious to see it.
Okay, time to get off the computer and start drooling over my beads...I mean creating something with them...ah heck, I prefer just drooling over them-I love shiney things!

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