Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Helping Hearts Post from UEF Forums

It is with deep sadness we must share the news of the tragic loss suffered by Cindy Boardman, known here as designedbylucinda, a UEF moderator and long time member of the Etsy community.

On Thursday, February 3rd an accidental fire took her home, pets, and claimed the life of her 11 year old son, Kevin. No words can convey the shock and sadness we feel, Cindy is an active and valued member of our community and we share in her grief during this incredibly difficult time. Our thoughts, prayers and most profound sympathies are with Cindy and her family.

Her husband Robert Boardman's co-workers have set up a fund to assist the family with medical and living expenses. Donations and care packages can be sent here:

Boardman Family Fund
Knight Communications
10150 Mallard Creek Rd.
Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28262

Update from Cindy's friend: Please do not send clothes or household items at the moment, as they have some donations already and will be living at a temporary location for a while.

DONATIONS UPDATE: PayPal donations for our contribution of a small arrangement and cash donation can be sent to:
(please note the name on the account is that of one of UEF's moderators, who used her personal details in order to get it set up ASAP)

For those that wish to donate, please note that if you send the money as personal>gift, no fees will be deducted IF the funds are transferred from another paypal account... if using a credit card to donate, it is our understanding that a fee will be applied.

Please direct any questions about the paypal fund to punch or admin (quirke).

UPDATE Wed Feb 9: The funeral will be held on Saturday February 12th. UEF member HappyHound who lives in Charlotte will be picking up and taking flower arrangments to the funeral. The funds for the arrangements will be coming from the forboardmanfamily PayPal fund.

Community Quilt for Lucinda - Info Here:

Big Cartel Donation Shop - if you can donate some items for sale, please read here:

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tattytiara said...

I've heard about this. It's unbearable to think about the pain that family has suffered.