Saturday, April 17, 2010

There was a bird trapped in our attic

We have no idea how he got there. My daughter was outside and walked by the window and saw him frantically flying from window to window to try to get out.
We went up there to open a window, and that's when we found out they're all nailed shut. Did I mention we live in a 200 year old house?
I was on my way to go get a hammer when my daughter said she was going to try to catch him. She was able to and walked down the steep attic stairs with him clutching her fingers, and took out to the front porch and let him go.
I couldn't of done it! I panicked when he flew to the window I was at and he got caught in my hair a little.


Sunshine said...

Hi, Kitty!

Glad that bird is flying free again!

There's an award for you in my blog. Check it out.


kittyd said...

Awww...Cristina, you are too sweet my lovely friend!

Hugs & Kisses